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Multiple open faculty and postdoctoral fellow positions at Xi'an Jiaotong University Global Health Institute (GHI)

Date:2019-11-28 Source: Visits:

1.Open Positions

GHIhas multiple open faculty and postdoctoral fellow positions, including university distinguished scholars, professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, postdoctoral fellows. We especially welcome outstanding scholars with leadership experience to apply for associate dean and center director positions. GHI offers competitive compensation packages (e.g., salary, startup funds, housing, and benefits) based on the candidates’ qualifications, see below:

1.1Young Top-notch Talents


Qualification requirements:

1. have receiveda doctorate degree from a famous university or research institutionin China or in abroad in fields related to health sciences such as public health, nutrition, clinical medicine, economics, humanities and management, mathematics, statistics, sociology, information science, system science, and computer science.

2. are under 40 years old.

3. havepioneering and innovative spirit with the potential to play a leadership rolein their research fields.

4. have achieved outstanding accomplishments in their research field, are leaders among peers; and are recognized by other experts in their field.


What we offer:


Base annual


National and provincial bonus

Housing and working Conditions



450,000 RMB/year

National or Local Awards

ž1-2 million RMBScientific research starting funds.

žOne-time settlement fee of 350,000 RMB.

žUniversity provides a living department for rent or for purchase.

ž4. Children can study at XJTU affiliated kindergarten,primary and secondary schools.

Contribution allowance, research and social services allocations

Distinguished Research Fellow

300,000 RMB/year

1.2 Young Talents (postdoctoral fellows or/and junior faculty)

Qualification requirements:

1. have received a doctorate from a famous university or research institution in China or abroad.

2. are under 32 years old.

3. haveoutstanding achievements in related academic fields.


What we offer:


Base annual


Housing and working Conditions

Other benefits

Category A

300,000 RMB/ year

žUniversity provides a transition department for rent or renting subsidy of 1,500 RMB / month.

žChildren can study at XJTU affiliated kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

Contribution allowance, research and social services allocations.

Category B


RMB/ year

Category C

No less than


RMB/ year

1.3 Leading Scholars (Senior Professors)

Qualification requirements:(need to meet >=one of these)

1. have a National Outstanding Talent title.

2. are a professor at a world-renowned university or holds an equivalent position in a research institute.

3. have led important national scientific research projects, produced important academic results, with outstanding academic standards and outstanding contributions

What we offer:

1. Base annual salary: (1) Category A: 800,000 RMB/year; (2) Category B: 600,000 RMB/year

2. Other benefits: National and provincial bonus,contribution allowance, research and social services awards and compensations

3. Housing and working conditions: The university provides a living apartment for rent or purchasing; offers strong support for the candidates’ young children’s education

2. How to apply:

Please provide the following materials:

1. A cover letter outline what position is being applied, background and research interests

2. CV

3. A 1-page research plan

4. Five representative publications

5. Contact information of three references

Please email the application to xjtu_ghi@xjtu.edu.cn, and put “applicant’s name+GHI faculty (or postdoc) application position” in subject.

6. Contact person:

Ms. Lihua Yan, MS

Global Health Institute

Xi'an Jiaotong University Health Science Center

No. 76 Yanta West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710061, China

Email: xjtu_ghi@xjtu.edu.cn

Tel: +86-29-8265-7395

We warmly invite you to join GHI!


Appendix A. The Xi’an Jiaotong University Global Health Institute (GHI)


The Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) GHIwas established in September 2016, in response to China’s national development strategies including the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, ‘Western Development Strategy’, and the ‘Healthy China 2030’ initiative. GHI was established with joint efforts of the XJTU Health Science Center and some other schools in XJTU. It aims to become a hub for global health-related research and training center in western China, which is in line with XJTU’s development goal of becoming a ‘Double First-Class’ (First-Class University and Discipline) university and the vision of the “Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour” (iHarbour). GHI promotes interdisciplinary research and training of graduate students and young researchers, and facilitates cross-sectoral and international collaborations in health related research and promotes public health.

GHI is: a) The first global health institute in western China, and conducts interdisciplinary, cross-regional global health research; b) One of the first established institutes among the XJTU’s 26 new institutes at iHarbour; and c) One of the six new research institutes of the XJTU Health Science Center at the iHarbour. The Honorary Dean of GHI is Prof. Fu Gao, the Director of The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The Founding Dean is Prof. Youfa Wang, Distinguished Professor of XJTU. 

1.Main research topics

The ongoing research at GHI covers major global health problems such as non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs), infectious diseases, endemic diseases, healthcare systems, health policy and economics, systems science, health big data, drug safety and policy, nutrition and food safety, maternal and child health, integrated health care, mobile-health (mHealth), development of precision medicine, and health promotion.

2.Research centers

  • Center for Systems Science and Health Big Data Research

  • Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control

  • Center for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

  • Center for Endemic Disease Prevention and Control

  • Center for Nutrition and Food Safety

  • Center for Health and Geriatrics

  • China-Australia Joint Research Center on Infectious Disease

  • XJTU-UCL (the UK) Joint Research Center for Molecular Medicine and Endemic Disease

3.Research labs

  • Sports Medicine and Health Lab

  • Spatial Geography and Health Research Lab

  • Endemic Disease Research Lab

  • Health Big Data Research Lab


Appendix B. The Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour(iHarbour


The Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour (iHarbour)–Wisdom Uni-Town, is the national project by Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Government, an important platform for Shaanxi Province and Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) to implement the innovation-driven, “Belt and Road Initiative”, and western development strategies. With broader international vision and development efforts in XJTU can accelerate the establishment of “Double First Class” universities in the 21st century to explore new forms of university discipline, construction and new mode of personnel training.

The iHarbour is located at the Fengxi New City of Xixian New Area, with a construction area of over 5,000 mu, integrating scientific research, education, achievement transformation and incubation, as well as comprehensive service, building an innovative trinity of “Campus, Park and Community”.

In fall 2019, the XJTU’s 6 medical sciences related research institutes including GHI, 28 research centers, 3 international joint research centers, and 2 major platforms of experimental animal center and biomedical experimental center started moving into iHarbour.


【iHarbour, living base for high talents】

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